OmniREMINDER significantly reduces the percentage of no-shows and helps work efficiently. In addition, it makes overbooking unnecessary, thus improving considerably the quality of service.

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The end of appointment no-shows

OmniREMINDER was developed by OMNITelecom for any office and appointment based businesses. It provides affordable automated appointment reminder calls, based on the office's appointment scheduler.

OMNITelecom’s omniREMINDER is founded on an extensive worldwide-distributed telephony infrastructure with redundancy of communications service providers (CSP), telephony switches, telephony servers and hosting sites, as well as advanced monitoring and early-warning systems. Our client portfolio includes government hospitals, large clinics and offices worldwide.

Aside from the technical implications of no-shows, they influence the business's work schedule and cause economic damage. In order to minimize their occurrence, most work places devote many hours to calling patients whose appointment date is approaching. Manual appointment reminders have several drawbacks: they take up time, man-power and phone lines, and require the office’s staff to deal with busy numbers, dialing mistakes, call waiting, voice mails, etc.

OmniREMINDER system streamlines the office’s workflow, since individuals and customers are no longer forgetful, confused or oblivious to their appointments. Many users of the service have come to rely on the phone calls they receive as their only reminder, so it is essential that they be completely dependable.

  • Streamline the office and business work flow
  • Reduce the workload of administrative staff
  • Reduce waiting times due to overbooking
  • Save time and money compared to manually dialed reminder phone calls
  • Ensure efficient utilization of staff and equipment
valuable Time
administrative hassle
the Service
Operative costs

Profitable, custom made and user-friendly!

OMNITelecom’s development team analyzed thoroughly the unique needs of reminder systems, and in cooperation with the managing teams of several offices and corporations, created omniREMINDER –smart, personalized and reliable automatic appointment reminders, which upgrade the level of service for the benefit of all the involved.

OmniREMINDER does not only return the client's appointment confirmations or rescheduling requests in real time; it can also provide important administrative information regarding their appointment, provide directions and parking tips, transfer customer's calls to the office staff, and a variety of other options. OmniREMINDER combines different media such as phone calls, text messages and email, and it includes comprehensive and customizable reports.

  • Send numerous reminders within a short time, using OMNITelecom’s extensive infrastructure
  • Get immediate feedback
  • Update patient records and transfer patient calls to the office’s staff in real time
  • Seamlessly interfaces with existing CRM systems
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