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Highly advanced and easy to use Interactive voice identification system

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No need to press buttons – simply talk

OmniTelecom's digital system understands and reacts to human voice without further actions required. The Voice Authentication system is taught to recognize different and important phrases as well as several voices to identify as many people possible. The voice samples construct a database of numerous options allowing you to tune the service to your pleasing. The advanced and computerized system is able to identify even when voice quality is not optimal and "cleans" background sounds to better authenticate the voice of the user.

OmniTelecom's Voice Authentication system sets itself apart from others by offering the identification programs by web and not using "Posts" interfaces. With a SaaS platform on OmniCloud, OmniTelecom is able to offer a stable and faster service for a lower price. Since the service is supplied through the web, it is future and disaster-proof and there is no need for upgrades and future changes.

  • Identification of countless voices and expressions
  • Web based service
  • User friendly and speedy service
  • Affordable for any business; small and big
Web based
processed data

Improve and Upgrade your Business' Facilities

By using Voice Authentication you will be able to make your business’ service accessible both to your employees and customers. Use the Voice Authentication as your punch-in-system for employees and save the expenses of all equipment assigned for that matter. The system will process the voice commands into easy accessed web data. Applying Voice Authentication system as an upgrade to your phone lines will also shorten callers’ waiting time as the system will respond to the customer’s voices and requests.

  • create an easy-to-use and accessible service
  • cut punch-in expenses
  • process reliable and important data
  • Interactive system tuned to your needs
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