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A user-friendly system which allows you to notify several individuals of alerts simultaneously.

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What's it all about?

The On call notifications system allows you to manage groups of contacts; upon activation, the system will contact the requested group and inform them of the notification while operating a smart dial-up mechanism to raise the percentage of the calls received and/or confirmed.

The system is simply operated by a phone call and does not require a computer, a smartphone or internet access.

Managing contact groups

Loading the contact groups would be done through the internet in an easy and fast practice. All you need to do is upload an Excel file of all the lists onto the site, according to the notification type.

You are able to categorize the contacts (for example: anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses, etc.) and get real-time reports on the response percentage based of the recipient.

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How it works?


  • To operate the system, an access number would be provided, in advance, by Omnitelecom; the operator would be requested to choose a notification and insert a password.
  • The system only allows for the activation of a pre-defined list of phone numbers.
  • After recognition, the operator would be able to record a new message or send a default message, as defined by the user.

Retrieval interfaces

  • Phone-based retrieval interface: the operator could call and find out how many calls were made and how many were confirmed, at any time.
  • Individual internet-based retrieval interface: displaying results for every recipient status, based on the definition of confirmed/in process/did not confirm and other relevant details.
  • Statistical internet-based retrieval interface: displaying the summery results of the notification - how many confirmations were received per recipient (for example: hospitals notification system - how many trauma doctors confirmed arrival).


  • The system operates on two separate switches, with the same functionality, on two different geographical locations.
  • Each switch has its own access number, based on a different phone operator.
  • In Order to prevent faults in critical times EACH switch is connected to different communication networks. Each notification is made directly to the switch without depending on other information systems.

Common uses

  • On call physicians.
  • Emergency Squads
  • Chemical plants
  • Regional councils
  • Armed forces
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