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Assign direct dialing numbers to every extension in the organization!

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OmniDID frees you from the
constraints of physical infrastructure

OmniDID provides you with a single telephone line allocating the range of phone numbers as requested by the company. Not only will this line save the costs of having separate phone line for each and every new number, it will also eliminate the need of a receptionist or an auto attendant routing calls to their designated phone lines. OmniDID solution will also provide your organization with an efficient managing process of incoming calls.

Using OmniDID also has the advantage of presenting your customers with an individual phone number for each and every one of your employees. Calls from designated phone numbers can be directly routed to an extension. As a result, OmniDID will transfer calls productively and faster causing caller to receive a personalized service as they are reaching an individual employee rather than being processed through the company's switchboard. While assigning the direct dial phone number you will be able to choose whether to purchase a worldwide number or a 'special' number consisting of specific numbers.

the Service
Efficient use
of infrastructure
of the lines

OmniDID Your Options Never End

OmniTelecom provides you a level of service like no other. According to your requests we purchase for you a number or several numbers from any country you desire. Those numbers are routed to any destination of your choice. Not only does the service offer calling options but a fax to mail service is available, allowing you to receive faxes through e-mail addresses. Premium numbers are also an option; especially catchy and easy-to-remember numbers or numbers that are charging directly from the customer's account. Moreover, we offer you revenue-sharing numbers with profit based on the time the caller remains in the system.

  • Efficient and user friendly service
  • Advanced tailor-made IVR system
  • Custom made number suited to your needs
  • Upgrade your business by activating smart direct dialing options
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