Hosted PBX

A smart and simple managing solution containing all telephony services from one central system easily accessed

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Budget-Friendly and Advanced Cloud Telephony Services

Omnitelecom is a leading supplier of the innovative telephony hosted IP systems. Using the Hosted BPX model you are able to protect your data and disaster-proof your communication facilities. Applying this technology will allow your business to have an advanced VoIP telephone system without investing in telephone equipment.

The system allows business users to enjoy all of the advanced services without the need to install and assimilate switchboard servers. The hosted model provides all telephony services from one central system, which is able to service dozens of clients and tens of thousands of end users. The advanced IP switchboard is located in a secure site, and the client holds only the basic switch and various end units (telephone units).

Suitable for big and small
businesses alike
Friendly interface
and easy to use system
Secured and reliable
and affordable

Wherever you go, OmniTelecom is with you!

Whether you want to work from home or while traveling, our switchboard system is geographically independent and can be operated from anywhere. Among the multiple services the system operates you will find call routing, call recording, fax to mail, voice management and etc. These services are provided to you with crystal-clear voice quality and a service experience of the top businesses in the market. Furthermore, we tailor the system according to each organization's needs and provide full support for organizations that do not have a fully staffed IT department.

  • Free calls between worldwide offices
  • A dedicated international business phone number
  • Geographically independent system
  • Easy mobile and tablets control
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