OmniTelecom is a leading provider of telephony services and infrastructure to call centers, enterprises, small & medium businesses, and individual users around the globe.

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Who we are?

OmniTelecom is a telecommunication company that provides advanced communication solutions to call centers, business and households. The company's mission is to match the best solution possible for each client, enabling it to advance to the required level of communication. Thanks to the family atmosphere at our workplace, the entire team is highly motivated and very proud of the success of each client.

Established in 2003, the company has grown to be, nowadays, a company of more than 100 employees. Exclusive technology developed in OmniTelecom and customer tailored service are what makes OmniTelecom a leading telecommunication company with exceptional infrastructure and telephony services for companies, businesses and individuals all over the world.

Approved and licensed by the Ministry of Communication, OmniTelecom carries over 300 million minutes and derail traffic. Through the product of Local03 the company offers discounted products for global calls and roaming to any individual customer. The company's main goal is to match the best solution possible for each and every customer.


Our Senior Managment

Dr. Tzachi Ben-Itzhak
Founder and Executive Director

Ben-Itzhak has been an active entreprenuer in the telecome market since the year 2000. He founded OmniTelecom in 2003 after obtaining a wide and vast knowledge of many years in telecommunications. Ben-Itzhak received his PhD in Mathematics, with an emphasis on Algebriac geometry, Bar Ilan University.

Rony Shtamler
Chief Technology Officer

Shtamler has more than 17 years of experience in managing R&D of enterprise software, distributed computing and Web (SaaS); Rony passionately leads the research, engineering, technology and product development of the company.
Prior to OmniTelecom ,Rony Cofounded and managed technologies for Cliniworks INC, ContecVision LTD, and Diamondsview.COM.
Rony received a B.A. in Business Administration and Computer information systems.


What we do?

Not only does OmniTelecom provide solutions to individuals, hospitals and governmental institutions, using internal software developments the company is able to supply custom made products to corporate clients. Among our corporate solutions we offer different call center solutions. These include a DID service which offers choice of a caller ID number for incoming and outgoing calls, a notification and alerts system sent directly to you by email or SMS and even an advanced fraud detection system alerting you in cases of irregular or malicious use.

We offer all companies complete real time Data reports and an easy and smart Data access experience. In addition to all these, our telecommunication solutions can also be used for marketing purposes as the company maintains a password reminder and marketing campaigns text messages system.

OmniTelecom insists on the highest quality in all aspects of operations, from the finished products to customer service. Using advanced infrastructure and collaborating with the leading companies in the telecommunication market today, OmniTelecom can provide its customer - of all sections - excellent service and the most cutting edge technology.

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